October 17, 2008 2

stayin’ alive

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‘Stayin’ Alive’ has near-perfect rhythm to help jump-start heart
Doctor: “Another One Bites the Dust” has right beat, but wrong message

If you’re ever hanging out with someone and their heart happens to stop beating, please sing this (in the Bee Gees voice!!!) while performing CPR. I know this is the first thing I want to hear when coming back from near death. I almost WANT someone to drop dead, so that I can save the day in a dramatic way. I love disco! And I loved making inappropriate comments about the CPR dummies in health class. You better believe if I’d had someone with me, this picture would have included some tongue action on my part…

This is pretty badass, too.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    at first i thought you were a real asshole for saying that beheading was badass but then i read the article and i agree. that guy asked for it. i wonder what is going to happen to that lady, though. she should walk free, but being that she is female in INDIA she’s going to be in deep shit now. 🙁

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