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rhi road trip

By in Rhi^2 Road Trip

Septmeber 2008

rhi^2 ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!

State College, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal

1,996 mi – about 1 day 11 hours

If you live along this path (and are NOT weird or creepy), let us know and maybe we’ll meet up with you! We’re also taking ideas of fun things to do along the way.

A bunch of old schooler camfolk will be meeting up in NYC Saturday, September 6.

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19 Responses to “rhi road trip”

  1. D.B. Echo says:

    Hah! You’ll be driving right past my house! I live in Nanticoke and work in Olyphant, both of which are along that little diagonal jog near Scranton. I don’t know either of you, really, but I do blog-know Sammie (from who really knows Rhiannon/Reannon. It would be fun to meet you along your travels, if it were at all possible!

  2. rhiannon says:

    every time i tell people about this trip, they always say something like, “wow, that’s ambitious!” and i have to wonder if we are attempting to do something incredibly difficult or something haha!

    it looks so small and manageable when you zoom out!

  3. n0tlob says:

    That would be so cool if you would meet up with me. Oh, wait… “NOT” weird or creepy. Damn it!!! 🙁

  4. reanon says:

    really? people say its ambitious? it just all looks so close, i can’t believe you’ve never been to places like montreal!
    i hate that everything in australia is so spread out and far away from each other.
    oh well its an adventure. this is the type of thing that books and movies are based on – ROAD TRIPS!

  5. DigDug says:

    You – or maybe Aussie Rhi – might recall the username from the old Stile portal/early Camwhores days. I live on the other side of the country, but was wondering: Given the East Coast/Canada tour… will Kevin and/or Stile show up at some point? THAT would be amazing to see live, and TOTALLY worth a blog entry with pictures!

  6. rhiannon says:

    aussie rhi is in charge of gathering netfolk…

    i never bothered to keep in touch with most people and i’m much less friendly.

  7. reanon says:

    where do stile and kevin from live? i dont really keep in touch with them since leaving camwhores

  8. n0tlob says:

    Never mind Jay Stile, reanon… he just wants to sell you drugs! 😉

  9. JimD says:

    Hope that Hanna didn’t mess up your fun too much.

  10. D.B. Echo says:

    So. I’m kinda hoping you guys didn’t get brutally murdered somewhere between points I and D, or D and G, or G and H. Please update soon!

  11. reanon says:

    all safe and sound. road trip over. saaaad.
    well still the drive to philly on wednesday.

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  13. JimD says:

    Is there anybody in there?
    Just nod if you can hear me.
    Is there anyone at home?

  14. Anonymous says:

    ok you’re back now, right? can you please post all of your deepest thoughts on nayner’s totally “planned” and “well thought out” pregnancy with her boyfriend of 3 months?

  15. rhiannon says:

    oh anonymous, you know how to get me to break my silent streak!!!

  16. n0tlob says:


  17. rhiannon says:

    i know, i know…i’ll post a review and pictures soon. i’m just SO DAMN BUSY!

  18. Christinaq says:

    Aaww I wish I could’ve met you guys! Hope you had fun!

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