August 17, 2008 1


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So I was sitting in my pajamas and robe (it’s 6:30 p.m.), watching “New York Goes to Hollywood” (I know), when the door bell rang. Since neither of my parents were moving, I sucked it up and opened the door in my horrible outfit. Some college-aged guy was standing there and I kinda looked at him like, what do you want? And he says he’s not sure if he had the right place, but did I just post something on craigslist? If only I was more of a quick thinker, I could have responded by saying “Oh yeah, the tranny orgy?”. But I just said no, and he said something that I wasn’t paying attention to and I closed the door. Of course, now I’m curious as to what on craigslist brought some dude to my house. I tried to find it, but shit, there’s a lot of crap on there. After the penis on m4m, I decided to abort the mission, to forever wonder what this craigslist business was all about. Dominatrix seeks boy toy?

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  1. reanon says:

    BAHAHAHHA can you imagine the look on his face if you had said that?
    or if he actually looked pleased, then that would be even more freaky.

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