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email spam

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I have to say, I am amused by some of the spam I get in my inbox. They really do try hard to get you to click on their links and download their attachments. Some of the funnies that have managed to skirt past the spam filters:

McDonald’s Happy Meals In San Francisco To Include Gay Marriage License

John Mccain “I Promise To Invade Your Vaginas.”

This gem had a winning subject AND message!

Subject: Bush is gay

Message: Britney Spears Stashed Guns In Her Vagina – Papparazzi Duck For Cover

And it’s always nice to start off the day with a lovely poem:

At last you’ve got a babe that’s hot

You wanna plough her juicy twat.

She’s so attractive, she’s so nice!

But would your penile size suffice?

Not sure she will long for more?

You need a dong she would adore!

But how to grow it long and thick?

Your only hope is MegaDik!

You’ll get so wanted super-size

And see wild craving in her eyes!

Your schlong will bang her poon so deep,

Tonight you’ll hardly fall asleep!

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