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pretentious viscount

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I don’t like to be unknowingly grammatically incorrect. You should already know this (and my weird, technically incorrect quirks) because I like to blog about this frequently. I’d say it’s pretty much a fact that I’m funnier on the internet than in real life, because when I send you an email or leave a comment on your wall I can spell check, edit, and Google search to make sure I’m not making an embarrassing mistake. BUT, I wasn’t an English major, so I haven’t learned and retained what is wrong and right, so when you take me away from a computer, well, shit. I don’t speak out as much as I would like to because I don’t want to make grammatical errors or mispronounce words in front of people. So imagine my HORROR when I was informed that I was mispronouncing a word in a freaking PLAY, in front of lots of people!

VISCOUNT is not a word we use very often. So I would imagine most of you would pronounce it such as I did: Viss(rhymes with “piss”)-count(as in Dracula). Nope, it’s pronounced VY(like die)-count. CRAP.

About the only way I can save face is by rationalizing that because the story is about a bunch of fakers who pretend to be European royalty, they were just stupid lower class who didn’t know how to pronounce the titles (like saying you were the Duck or Earl). But that’s kind of a lame excuse, and my character (who is the only smart one) is the one who makes the introduction.

Ah well, the person who caught it was my mom who WAS an English major and who knows shit about ancient European royalty stuff, so maybe no one else noticed. Painful for me, though…painful.

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  1. JimD says:

    If it was during the run of the play and not just during rehearsal, I’m sure most people would assume that you said it that way because the director wanted you to.

  2. n0tlob says:

    Rhiannon! Please visit http://www2.dict.cc/speak.php, type in “viscount” where it says “Please enter your text here!”, press on “Play!” and breathe a sigh of relief!

  3. Pete says:

    I regularly go to plays with thesaurus and dictionary at hand. I would have caught it and publicly ridiculed you!

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