May 20, 2008 2

over analyzing

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Remember when I freaked out out the possibility of not working on a play for awhile? Well, I got a part. A pretty important part in To Kill a Mockingbird. So while that is AWESOME, the real point is that I freak out, often times over nothing. I notoriously work myself up over “what ifs” just…because. I guess it’s ok when it comes to anticipating anything that could happen and having a course of action all planned out…but it’s also very stressful to be worrying for no reason. My brain is constantly in motion, often over analyzing anything and everything. I guess that’s just how I am. I can try to tell myself to follow a “don’t worry, be happy” attitude, but I know myself too well. I am an obsesser! I OBSESS. I fixate on things, especially insignificant, “who cares?” things. Hmm, I have been doing a pretty ok job of trying to not dwell on negative things. But that could also be because everything is pretty smooth sailing at the moment. Still, that means that maybe one day I can take a carefree attitude towards the world. I think I need to be a stoner…that’ll mellow me out. Or maybe make me PARANOID. What if I was arrested for procession? What would I do if I went to prison? What if I caught athlete’s foot in the communal showers? What if it spread to my crotch?? How would I find someone who wants to date a convict with athlete’s crotch???What if the WORLD ENDS?WHAT WILL I DO?!?!!??!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I live near Monroeville, Alabama where harper Lee lives. They have a festival each year and put on the play. GREAT play as you know. Good job!!

  2. Steve says:

    “To Kill A Mockingbird” is one of my favorite movies. I heard it was a pretty good book too when it originally came out. 🙂 Rhi, you’ll be great as Scout in the play. That is the only part in the show, right? Oh wait. There’s that maid but you don’t want to go black face for that. That wouldn’t be good unless you’re going for shock value. Oh wait. I forgot about that woman that digs Atticus. Oh yeah. Forgot about the one in the trial that causes all of that mayhem. Or should I call her Mayella? Good luck on whatever role you are. Wish I could see it.

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