May 15, 2008 4

red shoes

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I’m leaning towards YES.

I feel that red patent leather high heels are an absolute necessity for today’s cougar.

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  1. reanon says:

    OMG get them! so trashy but awesome too.

    you’re not a cougar yet! of course living in a college town with all those 18-24 year olds doesn’t help.

    but yeah, the shoes are hot, and you could totally pull them off!

  2. Chris L. says:

    Since when did you become a cougar!

  3. rhiannon says:

    State College = Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome applied to the real world.

    When the majority of the population is between 18-22, you are considered “old” at a much younger age.

  4. rhiannon says:

    And I liked the shoes so much that I got a pair in black!! On sale for $32 each. I’m so excited to wear these puppies out!

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