April 27, 2008 1


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I know nobody but me gives a shit about the Pennsylvania 5th Congressional District, but I AM SO HAPPY that the two sleaziest Republican candidates LOST. HAHAHAHAHA. Money can’t buy everything, and it looks like the people of Pennsylvania saw through their bullshit. The winner spent about $20,000 while the losers spent over a million buckaroos each…of their own money. And I’ll admit, the mudslinging was fantastic! CDT readers have fully articulated my thoughts, so I don’t really have anything to add:

“Hey Shaner, maybe this will be a good enough hint for you to NEVER run for political office again. No one wants you to represent our district, counties, or towns so stop wasting our time and your money. I am personally tired of going to vote with the main reason of trying to make sure you don’t get elected. There are bigger issues we need to worry about than making sure you do not represent us! STOP RUNNING FOR OFFICE A$$HOLE! I am so tired of seeing your fat face on TV.”

“Thank god Walker the Stalker lost. I hope he goes to jail!”

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  1. tim says:

    if he had a lick of sense he would at least go away for a couple of years before squandering more of his parents’ money on this shit.

    he is quite the looker though, isn’t he? 😉

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