April 15, 2008 0

pennsylvania news

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It’s a dangerous world we’re living in, especially in Central Pennsylvania! Today’s top news story: Amish community builds barn.

In politics…Pennsylvania is going RED! Wait…what? Who is the idiot that made a freaking political graph designating the Democrats RED, Republicans WHITE, and Others BLUE?

Oh MAN, I am LOVING The Collegian today!! They also published a letter to the editor featuring a made up word…a word I made up! Sparce! Ahahahahaha!!!!!!

In not so surprising news, I just spilled coffee all over myself. I look like I peed my pants. I can only hope no one comes to the door…………..

So yeah, I’ve had a real hankering for blogging lately, but sadly with negative time to devote to it. Maybe come summer I’ll get to my backlog of ridic thoughts. It’s sad when a productive Saturday includes staying inside on a gorgeous 70 degree day to do taxes, and then staying home that night to organize your life. Who doesn’t dig cleaning and filing on a Saturday night?!

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