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I’m not gonna lie…it is pretty irritating when people ask me if I was named after the Fleetwood Mac song, proceed to sing, or even worse yet, ask me if I ring like a bell through the night, as if they are the most clever person in the world for coming up with that. But now, thanks to our Barbadian friend, when I tell people my name, they ask “like the singer?” Which got me thinking about how you pronounce her name. So, I decide that scouring youtube to uncover the correct pronunciation of this girl’s name is a perfectly acceptable way to spend a Friday night (oh how things have changed). Ree-Ann-A. Rhymes with banana. The funny thing is that in every foreign interview, the interviewer says it correctly. But in any American interview, the American interviewer pronounces it incorrectly (Ree-Ahhhh-Nah, like the band Sha Na Na). But what’s really funny is some Jane interview where the interviewer and Rihanna both say her name at the same time, and the interviewer gets it wrong. Ha ha! But I’m sure the reasons Americans pronounce it that way is because freaking Jay-Z says it that way in the beginning of HER “Umbrella” song. Was she afraid to correct the Jigga Man or something? Me? I will correct you once, sometimes twice, but if you still can’t get my name right, I don’t care. If I know you’re talking to me, that’s good enough. I get all kinds of crazy pronunciations of my name. I’m also not famous, though. I WILL correct you if you are interviewing me. I had an interview on the local channel, and I made sure they said it correctly. Why? Because I don’t want incorrect information put out there. Why doesn’t Rihanna correct these people? Is she afraid to speak up or does she just not give a shit? These are the burning questions that keep me up at night. I desperately want to sit down and talk to her about name pronunciation. And I also want to start a world wide crusade to let everyone know the true pronunciation of Rihanna. AND Rhiannon.

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  1. C. Lineback says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much…as long as they aren’t pronouncing it “brit–ney”, cause then you’re in trouble.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This really needs to be seen….just ignore that it is from a site called youporn, it’s a magic show with a very talented lady

  3. says:

    i used know this girl whose middle name was spelled EJEM. guess how that’s pronounced? like most people, i guessed EE-GEM, or maybe AY-GEM. Guess what? It’s pronounced AIMS. Even she didn’t know why, and she had trouble herself seeing her name in print and not thinking EE-GEM. She was apparently of Scandinavian descent, meaning some exotic glyphs got lost in translation between some Olde celtic/nordic alphabet and U.S. English. Which just goes to prove what I’ve seen elsewhere in life: some people do not know how to pronounce their own names!

  4. Anonymous says:


    I’m beginning to think you don’t spend as much time on your site as you used to….

  5. says:

    i’ve been thinking the same thing. ever since i bookmarked this site it’s gone quiet. well, real doll pix aren’t what i had in mind. haha, just joking. it’s all good.

  6. Rhiannon says:

    I am also called Rhiannon and I am so sick of being asked the Fleetwood Mac question. It’s like a given every time you meet someone, and now I also get people singing Umbrella when I tell them my name, Rihanna is not Rhiannon.


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