February 8, 2007 1

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well, now i can’t say that i’ve never run out of gas before…

a couple of days ago, on my way to altoona for the dracula dress rehearsal, the empty gas tank light came on. i stopped at a gas station in port matilda, about 15 minutes away from state college, only to realize that i didn’t have my purse with me or any money. i was pretty pissed because i was running tight timewise already, and going back home would add another 30 minutes to my 50 minute trip. but there was nothing i could do, so i went back. and even though i should have been good for another 20 miles or so, i ran out of gas on the expressway, about 3 or 4 miles from home. on one of the coldest days of the year. luckily, my dad was able to bail me out, without first going the wrong way. i guess my answer of “a sign 2 miles penn state state college woodycrest hampton south go to sheetz” to “where are you?” didn’t help much. i didn’t cry, though…i think i was too shocked to cry. but we got some gas in, it started, and i took off with my parents’ car. i was really expecting to get pulled over for speeding, since i was flying down the highway trying to make up time, and i didn’t have any id on me. or, since i was driving my parents’ car, i figured i might hit a deer, while gong 90 miles an hour. luckily nothing else happened carwise. and, i even made it to the theatre before they started! but, because i was dilly dallying, i missed the entrance of my first scene…it was so embarrassing.

so, not the worst night of my life, but definitely in the top 10. but hey, at least i was in state college and not in the middle of nowhere, i had my phone and my dad wasn’t on the internet, tying up the phone (yes, we have DIAL UP at my house).

anyway, it’s opening night tonight! gotta go!

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  1. tim says:

    i did this too. how retarded. i knew i was running low but i was sure i had enough to get from the corner of circleville and science park to sheetz. wrong!

    the worst part was that i didn’t even take my phone with me and i had forgotten money anyway. so i walk back to my apartment…oh, and i’m wearing just sneakers with no socks because i was only going tanning — so why get dressed for the snowy weather? so i get back to the apartment and figure that i don’t want to wait for AAA, and since everyone i know was either in school or at work, i’ll just walk to sheetz and back with the gas to my car.

    it seems like such a short trip in a car…but it’s not!! not when you’re walking without socks and it’s freezing. and you’re splashing gasoline all over yourself. and you’re sure that half the cars going past you are driven by someone who knows you or at least recognizes you and are laughing at your stupidity.

    so were you at snappy’s when you realized you forgot money? that is so far from state college! you should have totally asked someone for two bucks. see, even though i just admitted to a series of retarded gas mistakes, i can’t help but judge you for yours.

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