January 22, 2007 0

By in photobomb

this whole me in the background thing is just getting ridiculous. i’m going to have to compile all these pictures soon.

no refund theatre

this is from a no refund theatre show, where i am every weekend, religiously.

new year's eve

new year’s eve

i went to high school with this guy on the right, but i had no idea that’s who was taking pictures at the time. i just saw a camera & did my standard face. later as i was looking through myspace, i discovered this gem. i often find that if i recognize someone from myspace in the real world taking pictures, i will immediately check their page later to see if i’m in any background shots. actually, myspace and facebook are where i get most of these pictures. if i ever randomly find the pictures some people were taking of me and a blowup doll, i will lose my shit. and on a side note, it’s absolutely amazing how much i can learn about people i’ve never even met through these crazy sites. fascinating, and eerily stalkertastic, all in one.

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