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2006 year in review

well, 2006 started off pretty uneventfully, but it turned out to be the most interesting year, and in fact, the best year ever!

i kicked off the new year with a new apartment and a new (psycho) roommate. after 2 months, psycho up and left one day & never came back. roommate #2 was much better, until he lost his job & peaced out after never signing the lease. third was a charm (we’ll overlook the catholic thing), until she got knocked up, but it’s ok, since the baby wont arrive until after we move out.

on the boy front, once psycho roommate was out of the picture, there was no stopping me from dating her old boyfriend. i guess that makes me sound like a really bad person, but everything came around full circle when my old college roommate started sleeping with my old college flame & i got wrapped up in that whole mess.

but time heals all wounds, and for real, boys have never really played an active role in my life. i got something better this year! i met my best friend & significant other, which is far more exciting and fulfilling. & thanks to myspace and massive amount of drama in the first half of the year, i actually talked to my friends from far away fairly regularly! this year i also made a new friend out of an old boyfriend. seriously, cue the friends theme song, this shit is out of control.

2006 was really all about the plays. plays plays plays. i saw all and every kind of performance possible, and most of them were free or ridiculously cheap, which made them even better! & if i wasn’t going to one, i was acting in one! i was the best thing to happen to the mcconnellstown playhouse this year, staring in over the river & through the woods, steel magnolias, & the amorous ambassador.

some seriously bitchin’ things that happened this year included:
landing a role in the student film plums which made it into the penn state film festival, among several others.
winning a valentine’s day prize package off the radio, which included a $500 gift certificate for jewelry and diner for 2 and a limo ride.
going to chicago after dubbing 2004 the year i would go to chicago.

2006 was the year of the floyd. they played together for the first time in 20 years at live8 and i saw roger fucking waters live in concert (might have been able to see david gilmour, too, but i am stupid). syd barrett died, which wasn’t cool, but you know, it’s still related to pink floyd.

rocky the fish, who survived the great massacre of 2004, died this year. but i think that’s it, so that’s pretty good!

ok, i think there were probably many other notable things, but i think those are the majors, and it’s time to wrap things up. it was extremely difficult to choose a theme to summarize my year, but i settled on the year of drama, since this year i got hooked on the young & the restless, on top of all the theatre drama and real life drama. what a year!


instead of coming up with traditional resolutions, i’m putting together a list of things i want to accomplish in the next year. there are tons of things i want to do and have meant to do every year, but never get around to. so i dub this the year of doing shit. & one thing i’m going to do is go to hawaii! yeah!

my traditional “resolutions” are to make better use of my time and be more punctual, and to be friendlier and more outgoing.

my “just for fun” thing is to jack up my vocabulary with the free dictionary and the urban dictionary’s words of the day. & maybe make sentences incorporating both words. just for fun.

i think 2007 is going to be a good year. do shit, do it on time & be nice.

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