October 31, 2006 0

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being female is scary. i once had such intense cravings for oreo cookie ice cream (keep in mind that i don’t particularly care about ice cream and only really eat it if it’s there – same with chocolate…just don’t care) that i left the house during a torrential downpour at 10:50 p.m. because i needed it that very second. i didn’t want to go to the 24-hour grocery store across town because it was too far to drive for a random craving (at best, 10 minutes away), but instead ended up going to a total of 4 grocery stores, because they were all closed. & i was getting madder & madder by the second. i’m really surprised this intense ice cream run didn’t turn into a vehicular homicide. well, i got my ice cream, came home, ate a lot, & then felt sick. madness, i tell you.

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