October 17, 2006 0

By in photobomb

my internet has been out since thursday & it’s driving me nuts. i thought it might be because i may or may not have ever paid my bill, which really is verizon’s fault, since they may or may not have ever sent me a bill. anyway, the problem is not on my end, AND i don’t have an outstanding balance racked up on my account…but still! it’s now tuesday! & it’s not like there was a hurricane or blizzard or earthquake to completely fuck shit up or anything. what is their problem??

anyway, i wrote this post many moons ago but never published it, so now is as good a time as any.

ok, here is part 2 of the “look! there i am in the background!” series:

plums reception

plums reception…in the back left corner, wearing light blue. that would be where the food is.


i’m the one with the great posture that totally doesn’t look pregnant…

more as they come!

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