October 10, 2006 0

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oh yeah…hey….um, what’s up? it’s been a little while, huh? right. i always feel silly blogging about things that happened ages ago…but what the hell, let’s give it a go. SO, i dropped $2,000 on my car. it was only $1,500 until i had a little crisis on my drive to nyc. & what do you know, the warranty part that was giving me trouble expired just a few short months before it broke. that whole situation is a little touchy, so we’ll move on to roger waters. i fucking saw roger waters!! i’ll tell you a secret………..i kinda wasn’t all that excited for it. i was tired of traveling, and then i was all stressed out because i thought we were going to be late & my car had a problem & my friend was stuck in traffic…but it all worked out. well, except for the fact that it was an outdoor concert & it was raining & cold & i’d forgotten my sweater & was only wearing short sleeves. so, except for the fact that i was cold & wet, it was a great show. absolutely amazing & well worth the money spent. of course he played the entire dark side of the moon & other floyd goodies, which was amazing. i’ll tell you, this is turning out to be quite the year.

also on my plate, part of why i was missing in action, is my new play! i’ve always wanted to do a farce & i got my chance with the amorous ambassador. good times!

amorous ambassador

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