July 12, 2006 0

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so…syd barrett died. that really sucks. i’m not gonna lie, i’m not a fan of his stuff, but i felt it was appropriate to pop in the cd of early pink floyd singles to listen to on my drive to play rehearsal last night. it’s too bad i forgot to bring piper at the gates of dawn, because i think i’ve only listened to it the whole way through one time…i feel obligated to listen to the entire cd when i get a new one. oh well, even though i’m wild about dave gilmour, without syd barrett, there wouldn’t be pink floyd and there wouldn’t be wish you were here, one of my favorites. so yeah, shitty news.

in other, more incredulous news, i went and got a real oil change yesterday, instead of just adding more oil like i usually do. i didn’t get to leave without a lecture, though, but it looks like i saved myself from breaking down and being eaten alive by all the turtles, deer, snakes, rabbits, groundhogs, chipmunks, possums, etc. that try to commit suicide via my car in huntingdon county.

seriously, this is a HUGE DEAL.

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