July 5, 2006 0

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and so my abusive relationship with verizon continues (i pray that i never date a man who beats me, because if my verizon relationship is any indicator, i will end up just another statistic). i spend many nights crying over how horribly you treat me, verizon…but then you go and do something nice to keep me from leaving you. our 2-year obligation is up. i can leave you without ever looking back. yet you still have this control over me and i cannot leave you. in fact, i am considering renewing our relationship for another 2 years. you knew i wouldn’t get a new phone, so you broke my old phone. that way you could put me in the situation of having to pay money for a new phone without the commitment, or get a new one for free and having to commit to this cycle of abuse all over again. i could go to someone else…but no one else has quite the range you do. and you give me that sweet 15% employee discount without checking to see if i am still an employee at said company. ahh, but must i point out your bad traits? and i have to ask…verizon, did you break your website intentionally so that i had to actually go to a store and deal with a real person, when you know i don’t like face-to-face interaction? i like how you said “we are improving our web site to serve you better.” i hope this isn’t another empty promise. dear god, why am i so weak???

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