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world cup

as is the case with every other american, especially american women with no interest in sports, it was completely by accident that i found out that the world cup was going on. if you asked me to name what sport the world cup was for, i might immediately say “tennis!” or “…golf?” before i figured out it was soccer. i also learned that it only happens once every 4 years.

and while i’m at it, i gotta say, americans really are a little ass backwards. our version of football is more about throwing and running with a ball, yet we continue to call it football, and call real football “soccer”. and our world series of baseball excludes all other countries of the world…at least the world cup really does let other countries of the world participate.

but back to where i was originally going with this post. see, i watched the world cup today. today is my one day of sort of leisure, as i really don’t have anything to do, and i decided to watch the world cup with my roommate instead of the true hollywood story of the hilton sisters. my roommate is originally from england and used to play soccer, so this was a huge deal for him, as england was playing portugal today. he was incredibly amusing, making strange guttural noises and squeals and thrashing around on the couch. i’m sure i was somewhat amusing commenting on the cute players and how i felt that soccer was the sport with the most attractive men overall. at certain points, i was really afraid for the safety of myself and the furniture, and hoped england would win. they did not. but the cute portuguese player was the one who kicked the winning goal!

poor stu, he’s had one shitty week. he’s probably offing himself right now.

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