May 23, 2006 0

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last night i went out to dinner with my parents. the topic of conversation that stuck with us throughout the night was hollywood pigs…people who are just vulgar, gross and give you the heebie jeebies. being a pig is not limited to being physically oink-like. you can have a body and still be a pig, because it’s all in your personality and behavior. so my mom says “paris hilton!” my dad agrees that she’s a pig and says “yeah, she’s hot!” then he leans back in his chair, puts his hand in his lap and makes an ooooh/moan/ahhhh type noise. he got a leg cramp. and the fact that it happened right after calling paris hilton hot just made it look so dirty. i was laughing so hard that i spit. it was really really funny.

anyway, maybe you guys can help me with my “homework”. i’m going to chicago FINALLY, and i am in charge of finding fun activities to do. you would think i’d be all over it, but instead i waste hours and hours on myspace. so, give me some ideas of what i should check out while i’m there!

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