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It is with deep regret that Crowbar announces that it will be closing its doors, effective May 15, 2006. A combination of factors ranging from the increasingly competitive nature of the music business, influences from other, larger venues within Crowbar’s market area, and available lease options have lead to this closure. We wish to express a heartfelt “Thank You” to both the Penn State and State College and surrounding communities for their support over the last 14-years. We have enjoyed being the area’s premier live music venue, presenting a broad range of both local and national talent. Thank you again for the years of support. Crowbar Management

wow, what a bombshell. i know this doesn’t mean anything to all but a handful of you, but this really really sucks. if you know central pennsylvania, you know crowbar is the best there is out here, for all of those smaller, up-and-coming bands. i used to go to crowbar quite a bit in high school for the all-age punk, ska and hard rock shows that were about $10 a ticket. even though i’m not really into that scene anymore, i remember how much fun i had out there. & i’m definitely going to miss seeing my buddies play there. i know this isn’t cool for all the under 21ers who are passionate about music and are essentially getting kicked in the balls. what are they going to do now? the small basement bars here can’t cut it (not to mention the kiddies can’t go to bars), and the bryce jordan center is far too big for these acts. it’s just a shame to see this happen, and i really don’t even know what to say. this was a very poor move, in my opinion, but what do i know about this sort of thing. i think what troubles me the most is that i never got to see gwar. gwar played here all the time & i always secretly wanted to go, but didn’t want to pay for a ticket. so i was super excited about turning 25, because they need people over 25 to chaperone the all age shows…you get in free and get free non alcoholic drinks. this was going to be the year of gwar, & my dreams were shattered. thanks dante’s inc…dickheads.

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