April 26, 2006 0

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my film got into the penn state student film festival!!!!!!!! i love going to the film festival every year, & this year is going to be even sweeter because i am going to see myself up on screen. & so will everyone in schwab auditorium. score! this will be the first time i see the film, too, so i am super excited about that. hooray! so this is your chance to stalk me:

thursday, april 27 at 6:30 pm

schwab auditorium, penn state campus


Plums is a story about holding onto the one thing you love and never letting go. Peter Tumbledown has lived a fulfilling life and is counting his days. He has one last story to tell and his eager grandson is listening. Through his timeless romantic tale of the “one that got away,” Peter instills in his grandson the drive and passion to chase after what really matters.

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