March 17, 2006 0

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would you believe that i was seriously contemplating bidding on this?

hot wax dude

ok, ok, i know that was a silly question, given my, er…….fascination with wax figures. he’s hot! i totally would have bought a life size wax dude off ebay for $100. the only thing that stopped me was the fact that they wouldn’t ship. i think it would make quite an interesting addition to my home decor. i could only imagine the r-rated fun we could have had with this guy. anyone in cali want to try to buy him & deliver him cross country for me?

wax dude

& on a completely unrelated note, if you address me in my place of business, you can call me stud finder. yes, 50% tool used to find studs in walls & 50% former crush on a god loving student volunteer. the moment was classic, & yes…you just had to be there.

& here’s some fun trivia for you: did you know when mice die they smell like steak? some of you might think this is a good smell, but trust me, it’s not. critters really need to stop dying where i work. it really sucks.

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