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amazing! the guy at the jewelry store thinks i am a ho! i had to sign a bunch of slips of paper, so i said that i needed a shorter name. & he says “yeah if your last name was ‘ho’ or some other asian name with only a couple of letters…” & i blame it all on the coat. i mean, while wearing this fabulous coat i had a homeless lady in nyc call me a prostitute in a foreign language! i bought this coat secondhand & i wonder who the woman was who owned it before me. it’s looking like a slut owned it. that’s cool, though.

now, you may find this strange, but in my free time i like to find pictures online of events i’ve been at to try to find myself in the background. this usually requires some time, effort & resourcefulness…& i could totally be doing better things, but hey, i like doing it. so now i give you, fair readers, the chance to play “where’s rhitard”! kinda like “where’s waldo”, but there’s less people & i’m not wearing a striped shirt. click on the pic to find me!

'party hoes' video shoot

i figured i’d start easy first. back many moons ago i was an extra “party ho” in a candiflyp video. um…this is a still from that & i really don’t have much more to say other than it was a fun afternoon. next!

drag show

of course you would find me in the background at a drag show! next time i’ll have pics of me standing next to the ladies…oooh.

for the love of art and chocolate

this was from when i was security working the door at clearwaterconservancy’s for the love of art & chocolate. i was hoping they would have posted some more pics on their website, but this is all i had to work with.


ahhh, my movie, “plums”! i will tell you more about that later, but this is the director talking to the minister guy during the funeral scene…this was my first funeral & it was a blast. will all funerals be this fun, i wonder?

the breakfast club

ok, this one from nrt’s “the breakfast club” is pretty tricky. those god awful wrists of mine gave it away, though.

crazy diamond

ahh, & finally, my stint as an extra in another student film, because having a part in one wasn’t enough. this movie is called “crazy diamond” & the lead character’s name is david gilmour. so there was absolutely no way i wasn’t showing up to this shoot in my dark side of the moon t-shirt. unfortunately, i got a shitty seat so i’ll be lucky if my arm gets in.

& speaking of arms & people in the backgrounds of pictures…

here is the sopranos‘ furio’s arm & leg on the left side of the picture! hot damn!

furio's arm

picture face so there you have it, folks. interestingly enough, i wasn’t making my classic background picture face in any of these pictures.

boy, when i see a camera aimed in my general direction, i try to make the most ridiculous face so that when people see it, they are like, ‘what the fuck is wrong with that girl????’ unfortunately i haven’t run across many of those photos. wouldn’t that be a gem to find? the only random picture i found of myself was from some girl who was a friend of a friend who wanted a picture with me. & that, my friends, was the absolute worst picture of me ever taken. ever. i wont even post it, it’s that bad. i want to know what that camera is & never ever buy it. anyway, more pics to come as i find them!

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