February 21, 2006 0

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today the power went out at work for no apparent reason, & since the temperature dropped to freezing in a matter of minutes, i got to go home & watch soaps! i mean, “work from home”. right.

so today i’m coming out with a confession. & i am not ashamed. well, i am a little bit, but dammit i wont let you judge me! ok, here it is. i am now officially hooked on the young & the restless on top of days of our lives. days & i have been together every day for 10 years now. it is a part of my life & i could (sadly) see myself watching this until the day i die. i’ve accepted that. but fucking y&r…it tempted me & i just couldn’t resist. you piece of shit, damn you!! it started off as something i just did here & there, over holidays & snow days. i liked it, but no big deal, right? i didn’t need it in my life.

but then, over christmas break i had it every day. & so i said, what’s the harm in doing this every day? i told myself i could handle it. i rationalized that i get pretty bored in the dead of winter, you know…i have to pass the time some how. & i said i would never let it control me. i can stop whenever i want. when life gets busy, i can just stop. i wont rearrange my life in order to get my fix. i have it under control, i think to myself!

well, my friends…the first step towards recovery is admitting your addiction….er, who the hell am i kidding, i’m not giving up my soaps. i’m crying inside for now devoting 2 hours of my evening every night to this garbage. that i’m not willing to give up. i need an intervention! or a hobby…or a boyfriend. yeah, a boyfriend would be nice. except i’m so bombarded with soap men that i have a very unrealistic notion of what a man should be. & i’m going to end up living a long, long, lonely life.

but on the plus side, i’m getting my roommate hooked. yeah, i’m pretty evil.

& i’ll have you know that this post was most likely a result of my rage at the olympics for preempting days today. i’ll be fine tomorrow.

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