February 13, 2006 0

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who won a 3 cd love pack, including the definitive white snake collection, from the best classic rock station ever? who was then entered to win the grand prize of a valentine’s day limo ride, classy dinner and $500 jewelry gift certificate? who then fucking won that shit? me. ME! i did! i had such a great week! i had a really really great week!!!!!!!!!!!!! see!!!!!!!! look at all the exclamation points i’m using!!!!!!! it was that fantastic! but to tell you a secret, except for the whole winning thing on friday, nothing really happened! i was just in such a great mood! for no reason! pms is great sometimes! great great! & i had a GREAT weekend, too!! i’m not even sad that tomorrow is monday. well, i would be sad if i thought really hard about it…but i’m not! i’m going to watch days of our lives instead! god bless soapnet, seriously. have a great week, i know i will!

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