February 5, 2006 0

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here we go…steelers…here we go!

pittsburgh’s goin’ to the super bowl!

tonight i will actually watch the super bowl for another reason besides the commercials! i’m not a huge football fan, i’m not a huge steelers fan (i called them the iron curtain instead of the steel curtain), but baby, i’m in stiller country & the steelers fight songs & the die hard fans here have got me pumped. it’s times like this where i wish i still lived downtown, because i would open my windows wide to hear the chants and the cheers. the buzz is contagious & it’s addictive. anyway, i never blogged about the indianapolis colts game, but man, what a game. i went from “awesome, pittsburgh’s gonna win!” to “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, THAT WAS AN INTERCEPTION, that was NOT incomplete – ARE YOU FUCKING BLIND???” to “oh shit, the colts caught up….i’m kind of nervous” to “oh thank god, the colts didn’t convert the 4th down, pittsburgh’s won!” to “cool, another touchdo-oh my god jerome dropped it! OH MY GOD THE COLTS HAVE IT & ARE RUNNING. NO NO NO SOMEONE GET HIM!!!!!!!!!” to “i can’t take this anymore, please just end it…my heart, my heart” to “this is the game winning field goal for the colts. this guy is the best field goal kicker in the nfl, of course they’ll make it…i’m so depressed…I DON’T BELIEVE IT, HE MISSED IT! HE MISSED IT!” doesn’t get any more intense than that.

anyway, Super Bowl Extra Large – GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STEELERS!!!!!!!!

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