January 20, 2006 0

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what. the. fuck. i still do not have internet. well, that’s not entirely true…i’ve got the work laptop & some random wireless networks to mooch off. but we do not have internet in our apartment that i can use on my computer. this is freaking ridiculous. i ordered it december 21. the order was in limbo but i wasn’t paying much attention over christmas. after awhile i realize this shit ain’t coming, so i had to spend many many hours being on hold & being transferred to someone else & being on hold & being transferred to someone else. finally it’s out of limbo & on it’s way here, with a service date of today. they send the modem, but i wanted the networking router. so i have to wait for that to get here – which should be tomorrow, but i’m not holding my breath. yesterday i got an email saying that there was something wrong & the service ready date was being pushed back to the 26. jerk faces. then later in the day they told me the dsl was ready. but my stupid router isn’t here. this is totally lame. i was so impressed with $20 dsl (it’ll be a cold day in hell before i pay $50 for cable), but i should have known who i was dealing with…VERIZON. back to #1 on my shit list, baby.

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