January 4, 2006 0

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holy sweet jesus…it’s back. JUNK FEUD IS BACK. what a badass birthday present. sorry i’ve been kinda missing in action, but i was sorta off in lala land for awhile & then i got lazy & then i got sick. & i haven’t gotten my internet yet. verizon, you are such a tease. such a slutty slutty tease! i get a 15% discount on my bill, when i shouldn’t, which is amazing. they also offer dsl at more than half the price of cable…yet they jerk me around because they want to stay on my shit list. anyway, was that not an awesome game last night? penn state & florida state, hot damn! triple over time! god, i just wanted that game to be over so i could go to bed. do you think you could try to miss a few more field goals?!?! it was driving me nuts. ok, i’m going to go now.

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