December 19, 2005 0

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hello my good friends, how are you? i’m good, i’m just getting ready for my double ass raping thanks to the wonderful state college cable companies. you see, d&e cable tells me, “yes, yes! we can give you cable!” but adelphia says “no, no! they can’t. only we can give it to you!” so currently we are signed up with 2 cable companies. & one of them is definitely dicking me around. i’m sure one will let us go after a nice ass raping or “early termination fee” although i’m definitely putting up a fight if they try it. & this is on top of the 50-fucking-dollars a month we are expected to pay for cable internet. $50 for internet! i know, i can’t believe people actually pay that, either! i’m about ready to tell both of them to shove it & go with verizon dsl (& you know how i love my monthly verizon wireless raping!). we could actually get dsl for only $20, less than half the price of cable. seriously, wtf?? god dammit, fuck adelphia AND d&e. i hope you all have a shitty christmas & your children die. i have a feeling we’re not getting out of this easily…

actually, no. i believe we’re going to come out fine. it doesn’t look like we signed a contract for cable internet with adelphia…& even if we did, i downloaded the service agreement & there’s nothing about a year long contractual obligation. & d&e can go to hell. they just signed me up without doing a site survey first because i told them i could get adelphia. these guys have been jerking me around & i don’t speak “cable” so i have no idea what the hell is going on, but all i know is that i still hate everyone. & i’m taking my internet business elsewhere. bitches.

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