December 14, 2005 0

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why? why??? WHY????????????? why do we finally get soapnet on digital cable weeks before i get my own place, where i wont have digital cable?! i refuse to get adelphia digital cable because i wont stand for monthly double penetration ass raping by both verizon & adelphia. it’s outrageous what they charge for cable & i can’t believe people actually spend that much to watch tv. so i’m sucking it up & going to *gasp* regular cable (hopefully with another service provider). i’m giving up the movie channels. i’m giving up the game show network. but man, soapnet?? before i even get to enjoy it? at least they just show nbc & abc soaps…i would probably break down & pay an arm & a leg for digital for that taste of cbs soap goodness.

oh no!!!!!!!!!!!! i made the fatal mistake of checking the soapnet site only to see that last fucking month was the month of days…showing classic clips & the original episodes…oh god this makes me so sad.

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