December 5, 2005 0

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i was all prepared to blog about how the alignment of the stars are all out of whack & that it’s throwing off the cosmic balance of the universe…all that astrological mumbo jumbo. because lets face it, things are just sucking right now. people are sucking, bad things are happening, the world is in a state of major suckage. are you guys not noticing this? it’s the fucking stars, man. you scoff at astrology, but there’s something to it, i’m telling you. anyway, so i’m convinced that there’s something seriously bad going on in the heavens & then i checked my verizon wireless bill…& my monthly charge is cheaper than it usually is. & i am left speechless. what the shit, i have no idea what is going on. i figured the planets & moon & stars were aligned in a big “screw you” formation, but with this verizon situation appearing, there may be hope for my audition tomorrow. fingers crossed!

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