November 16, 2005 0

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i’ll let you in on a secret: you can tell when i haven’t washed my hair – it’s pulled up. it gets greasy so to try to hide the stringy-ness, i put it in a pony tail or clip it into a half-bun thing. otherwise i just wear it down, because i really can’t think of anything quick & creative to do with my hair. so today i didn’t wash my hair. & instead of going the usual clip route, i thought i’d try something new. i busted out the topsy tail, my friends. my grandmother bought it for me like, 15 years ago, but i wouldn’t use it because everyone knew the topsy tail & i couldn’t risk being uncool. but more than enough time has passed, & i’m sure there are people who don’t even know what a topsy tail is. so i’m bringing back the topsy tail in all it’s glory. i even went exotic, i topsy tailed it & then braided it down my back. then i topsy tailed it over & over into a funky bun. & i bet if i look hard enough, i can find my book of the many different styles that can all be rocked with the topsy tail. so instead of looking like a greasy scumbag, i will look like i put some effort into my stylin’ hair. awesome!

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