November 6, 2005 0

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god, i am so depressed. i have the chance to have the perfect apartment. it’s a one bedroom on the top floor of a beautiful old house in a gorgeous area. it’s unique, it’s cozy, it’s across the street from work. it’s taken care of, owned by a good guy. it’s $435 a month & it’s everything i could ask for. but the catch is that there is absolutely no way i can bring my cats. i think i could cry. i want to live there so bad. SO BAD. but i can’t leave bunny. & i just can’t sneak her in. & bunny is being extra cute right now just to drive it home that this wont work. this is so fucking depressing. & the fucked up thing is that i might have another place lined up that’s a 2 story, 3-bedroom townhouse with wood floors. it’s around $500 a month, including heat & i’d get to split the bills & only have to live with 1 other person. i’d have a living room, dining room, bedroom & extra room to do whatever i want with. but i still want the other place! the townhouse would be a bit creepy, too, since someone i’ve got some bad blood with used to live there & that would really mess with me. fuck fuck shit. this sucks.

opening weekend of my play went well, though. i love doing it. i’ve been bit by the acting bug & now i can’t get enough. i’m going back to audition for “the senator wore pantyhose” because even though it’ll be during prime blizzard season & i’d have to drive over a mountain, how could i not audition for something with a name like that?!

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