November 1, 2005 0

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so i didn’t do jack shit for halloween & i’m sad about that because it’s one of my favorite holidays. i have dressed up every year for i don’t know how long & i didn’t this year. & i got all sad going out this weekend seeing everyone else all dressed up. anyway, i was talking to my mom about my plans on becoming a serial killer if i felt like a career change. it’s perfect since there are hardly any women serial killers. so if i were a serial killer, i’d go around college campuses slaughtering sorority girls on halloween. it’s perfect, you can be in disguise & no one would think anything of it! & being a chick, i could lure girls to my killing zone by crying about how guys suck or asking for a tampon. genius! & my costume? i’d be a slutty nurse! why? because the cops would be all like, ‘oh shit, we’ll never find this killer…do you know how many slutty nurse costumes we saw tonight???’ although i guess that would make it obvious that i was female…hmm, well it needs some tweaking, i guess? got a year to plan it, no? hahahaha. man, i hope no one actually does this, because it will make me look very suspicious…

anyway, it looks like november is the new september. i’ve got the play, some student films, thanksgiving, a wedding, an apartment, a big work fundraiser, & god only knows what else coming up. i don’t know how i get so overwhelmed with this stuff! & i guarantee once january hits i wont have a thing to do & i’ll be bored out of my skull…& depressed because i’m old. anyway, i don’t have time to go find 30 songs about november, like i did with september, so just listen to “november rain” everyday & think about me. & i’ll leave you with a fun story…well, to me anyway. i was a huge guns n’ roses fan back in the day. like, huge! went from paula abdul to gnr overnight. well, my mom’s high school was the setting for the reception in the video for “november rain.” so the next time i went to california with my grandmother i made her take me there & i was really really really excited. the end. see you in december, maybe? peace!

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