October 17, 2005 0

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god what a shitty weekend for football. seriously, all of my teams lost. & with such an awesome game last week against ohio state, it really really sucked for penn state to lose to michigan with 1 second left on the clock. it was dramatic, i’ll give you that. blegh. the only good thing about this weekend was usc’s sweet victory. & it’s not because i’m a usc fan, it’s just that i hate notre dame a lot. it made me feel so good inside to see them lose at home in quite an intense game. & the storming the field thinking they’d won, only to LOSE was the icing on the cake. i was really hoping that all of the teams i loathe would lose, salvaging something out of the weekend, but alas, the cowboys won. damn you!

geez, you’d think i actually liked football…

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