October 12, 2005 0

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i really don’t think that i should share this, but it was very traumatizing, & well…i almost shit myself while on the road (literally). & after miraculously making it to my exit without diarrhea exploding everywhere, the bitch at the hotel i stopped at would not let me use the bathroom. i was almost crying & thinking “this is it. i am going to shit my pants. & i don’t know what to do.” & then god took pity on me & let me hold on for just a few more minutes until i could make it where i was going. that sucked so bad. like, so so bad. since i’ve been going to lewistown this is the third time i’ve almost had a doo doo accident. it’s not a good road for stopping to use the bathroom, & i almost always have to go #2 every night. & i’m so paranoid now that this will happen again, & one day i wont make it. & i really want to go back & kick that stupid lady’s ass. seriously, i should have shit all over her floor. i almost did! that would have shown her.

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