August 29, 2005 0

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you know, i actually want to blog but have nothing to blog about. really, my mind is blank. hmm…there’s a hurricane…yippie.

well, i’ve come to realize that i have really small teeth. i’m almost self conscious about it now! it’s all that stupid hilary duff’s fault, with those monster veneers of hers. they’ve been getting so much attention that i’ve been looking at everyone else’s teeth…& i’ve noticed that they are all bigger than mine. ever notice that i don’t show teeth much when i smile on cam? it’s not because they’re yellow & crooked or something…they’re just small. small boobs & small teeth. & a big nose. fucking hell, like that really helps. but it could be worse, they could be teeny tiny & pointed, i guess. or i could have a gummy smile. man, that bothers the hell out of me. bah. i need some hilary duff sized veneers PRONTO.

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