August 20, 2005 0

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hahaha, there is this feisty old lady who i see at work every once in awhile. so i’m talking to her and she’s wearing this t-shirt under a cardigan sweater. all i can see is NK LOYD & some abstracty stuff. & i’m like, holy shit this lady kicks ass! she’s wearing a pink floyd shirt! so i’m all “wow! i like your shirt!!!!” and she shows me the whole thing & it says FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT. so i had to save face and be like, “yeah frank lloyd wright is cool!” while she told me all about getting the shirt in buffalo. yeah.

in theater news, i haven’t heard anything still for “gramercy ghost” but you will know as soon as i do.

& i have decided that i hate improv. which is great being that i still have a gig to get through in september. & i would say that i wont ever do it again, but i totally would if someone asked me. & then i’d bitch about how i don’t like doing it.

i’m extremely pissed that “kiss me kate” was completely sold out before i got my tickets. i figured i’d be fine if i called for tickets on wednesday…but they were sold out wednesday, thursday, friday & saturday. wtf?! i guess i have no one to blame but myself for not getting them way in advance, but i’m still bummed. but what’s great about all this is that sometime last week i had a dream that my mom & i went, but we couldn’t see it. we sat like up in the rafters or some shit & couldn’t see it but could hear it. & i woke up & was like, ‘cool, it was jus a dream & i get to actually see it!’ but if i really really wanted to i could stand outside & listen to it…it’s in a barn & they leave the doors open. i could make this a self fulfilling prophecy!

anyway, there’s nothin’ in the way of theater-going for the next 3 weeks so i have to find something else to do with my weekends. i’ve really gotten in to seeing shows every weekend…cannot fucking wait for nrt to return! fun fun!

new look over at junk-feud! but you should already know that because you should be hitting refresh every 10 minutes like me. there could be flashing gifs AnD WriTInG LikE ThIS & a shitty midi playing, & everything else that makes website viewing painfully horrible, but it still wouldn’t keep me away! <3

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