August 10, 2005 0

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well. shit. i’ve got good news & i’ve got bad news. i auditioned for a play last week & the good news is that i totally rocked it & i have a part. the bad news is, they still need some dudes, & if they can’t get any, there is no play. time & resources are running out. for the zero young male actors who visit this site & live near lewistown, go do something about this! an email has gone out to the big community theater listserv, & i just passed something on to psu’s no refund theater group…but, grrr, it’s summer time & there’s nothing going on, no people…& i don’t know where to dig up some actors! where are you people & why do you hate lewistown & why do you have to blow my big chance?!?!?! jesus christ. this. is. my. life. this is my luck. i’m so frustrated i could go off & shake some babies.

& my cat pissed on the bed – he’s got bladder crystals & can’t pee anywhere except on beds. THIS. IS. MY. LIFE. i should drown myself.

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