August 4, 2005 0

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today is’s 4th birthday! holy crap it doesn’t feel like i’ve had the site that long. & before that it was, before that xoom & geocities.

so now i will steal my site’s glory by updating with news of my own. i’m getting kicked out! well, ok, it’s not as harsh as it sounds, but i need to look for my own place & i have about a year to do it. i’m sure i’ve bragged about how good i have it & my parents kinda realized how comfortable i was getting. so they decided that i need to be more independent & live on my own. that & i’ve been pissing my mom off. there are a lot of reasons why i don’t want to get my own place, but it could have its perks & i wont go through all of my money that i’ve saved, so i can’t complain. even though i’ll be paying rent & utilities & will have to get a car & deal with insurance…i still have it better than most people. i’m just that spoiled that i can still bitch about it. so yeah, that’s what is going on with me!

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