August 2, 2005 0

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the state theatre hates beatlemania. well, maybe not, but i swear, there is always some state theatre meeting-type thing going on at the same time, which always foils my plans. see, during the summer we have these free concerts & the cast of beatlemania usually plays. last year there was a meeting for the college avenue mile, & i vowed that the next time they were here i would see them, no matter what! it looks really really cool & it’s FREE! so this year i was prepared to say that august 2 was absolutely no good for a meeting, but it worked out that the meeting is the following week. but then out of the blue, i get an email for another event for the theatre that i’m involved with stating that there is an organizational meeting on tuesday, august 2. that really sucks because i want to/should go to the meeting, but i really really want to see beatlemania. well, the responsible person would go to the meeting, & i feel bad about not going …………….but…………beatlemania!!!!

i’m just pissed there’s always a damn meeting during beatlemania. lets pick another night, folks!!

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