July 27, 2005 0

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jesus fucking christ, why are these mondays so horrible to me?? sunday night there were some pretty intense thunderstorms, which just threw everything out of whack at work. the phone didn’t work, so the internet didn’t work, & the security system didn’t work. not only that, but the battery was low on the alarm system because there was no electricity getting to it. so it was beeping every 5 minutes. did i mention that there was a board of governor’s meeting going on & my cell phone battery had died? after running home & almost hitting a car in the parking lot, i had to spend the rest of the board meeting at the top of the stairs with one hand covering the speaker to muffle the should, & one hand ready to press the button to silence the alarm. it was a god damn nightmare. the phone finally got turned back on at the end of the day but the internet still isn’t working. but after this day from hell, i’m just exhausted & all i wanted was to go home & lie on the couch & watch days. well, my dad decided to stay home from work & watched something on the vcr & didn’t put my tape back in so days didn’t record. at that point i went into a stage of shock, followed by intense tears. not getting to watch the simple pleasure of my day was the straw that broke the camel’s back. & i swear, even though that show goes as slow as molasses, on those few days i miss, it’s like everything happens! marlena lost her baby, belle finds is pregnant, & rex finds out mimi’s secret ALL YESTERDAY. i’m really sad about this. & my mom didn’t even make dinner, it was shitty leftovers. i guess i could be poor & sick & then life would really suck for real, but yeah…i dunno. sucky monday.

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