July 20, 2005 0

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scary johnny wonka

this is not the man i fell in love with. this scares the shit out of me. i don’t think i want to see this movie, because it will make me un-attracted to johnny depp & that’s just no good. i love him for his creepy roles, but…i want to cry every time this commercial comes on.

you know, i thought kenny rogers the pitcher & cameraman abuser was kenny rogers the crooner & chicken king. & i thought that was pretty cool that he had mad skillz in music, sports, and food. to think i was going to make a reference about knowing when to hold ’em & fold ’em yadda yadda. well, i was, like months & months ago when i first heard it & then lost interest. but then tonight i found out the dude being charged is just some random dude named kenny rogers & then i stopped caring completely.

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