July 19, 2005 0

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fucking monday…ugh. my sole mission for the day was to win tickets to see journey tomorrow night. to win the tickets you have to catch the 3 journey songs played throughout the day & call in after 5. i’m on top of my game of course, & get them all, now all i have to do is miraculously get through the phone lines. now, i took my car in to get fixed this morning. i’d called a week ago to set up this appointment, so i’m sure i’m first in line to get checked out. by 3:30 i give them a call to figure out what the deal is, because i need the shuttle to pick my ass up before it’s time to win my journey tickets. they didn’t even start working on it until 4! so now at 4:45 i have a decision to make: take the shuttle & miss the chance to win tickets, or stay to win tickets & take the bus to get my car. i briefly contemplated taking a taxi, but due to my cheapness, decided $1.25 is a much better deal than $10. well, i stick around to try to win the tickets, & no surprise here, the line is busy busy busy. so i have no time to curse this undeserving 4th-row winner because i have only minutes to make it to the bus stop alongside a major road, in 90 degree & humid weather, wearing heels. i’m also really hungry because i had no lunch because it took this kid i went to high school with 8 hours to fix my car – 7 hours & 15 minutes to pick his ass & 45 minutes to actually replace the part. you better believe there would have been some ball breaking if there had been any unnecessary charges on my bill. so i finally get there & hmm…that’s strange, none of my credit cards are working. the discover worked last time, so i know it’s not me. the check card wont work either. i have a mastercard, but alas, i’m carrying around the expired one. which leads me to believe that i cut up the good card by mistake. how embarrassing! the only way out is to call my mom & make her give her card number over the phone, just so i can finally go home. & while flipping through the radio stations, having to redo all my presets, journey is playing on 3wz. i just know they’re giving away tickets. i know it. but what i don’t know is the phone # for this radio station. needless to say i wasn’t in the mood for the shitty dinner my mom made & the meeting i had this evening. i have a headache right now. & i never get headaches. FUCKING MONDAY.

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