July 13, 2005 0

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aids project benefit

you’re damn right i’m gonna be there! i nearly peed myself when i heard about this, & i’m going to be a dealer! all of my volunteer dreams are coming true. i always wanted to be a telethon person for pbs & i got that chance. then after going to a casino night fundraiser i set my sights on being a volunteer dealer. & now that is about to happen. drag queens included no less! & this all happens right smack in the middle of arts fest. i’ve got other volunteering gigs with the arts fest & the state theatre, gotta see a bunch of performances, attend a reception tomorrow, make rounds at the people’s choice festival to recruit for our antique & craft sale in december, & party with as many people who are going to be in town as possible. i don’t know if i will make it out alive. it’s all starting tomorrow & i’m getting exhausted just thinking about it. toodles!

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