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memories………….like the corners of my mind……….

misty watercolor memories……….

heheh, look what i found, thanks to the wayback machine:

Sunday 11/01/1998 0:17:00am
Name: Rhiannon! (wow coincidence or wot!)
E-Mail: Rindy_@hotmail.com
Homepage Title:
Homepage URL: http://
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Australia
Comments: Hey Rhi!
my name is Rhiannon too, and you don’t know me,and i don’t know you so i don’t know why the hell i’m writing this, apart from the fact that i’m bored as all hell and there is nothing to do. i was actually looking up stuff about Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rhiannon’. i’ve had a quick squiz around your site, it’s pretty kewl, but i am really amazed at how much we are alike, as well as the name thing. maybe all Rhiannon’s get completely obsessed over guys, esp. one’s with the name Jesse. i’m a senior too, but i don’t finish till november 20th (the hemisphere difference)
i can’t bloody wait to get outta here, australia sux. especially my shit hole town.
its wierd although in the face we don’t look alike, just the body language and posture etc is identical. its’ freaky. i don’t usually write to just anyone i meet on the net, but i have compelled to write something to you.
do u like drama, by any chance? it’s my obsession (after guys of course)
well that’s about it.
write to me if you are so inclined to do so. i’m always up for a chat.
from Rhiannon!!!

guess who?! aww… who’da thunk… now go sign my guestbook so i have something else to amuse myself with 7 years from now.

i’ve dug up a lot of interesting things online lately, including the worst picture ever taken of me, while looking up an ex. i did a lot of searching, for all kinds of people. there was this guy i really liked in college…but i was hung up on some other dude so we never got together, even though we had this chemistry. so, he started dating his coworker. & of course i didn’t end up with the other dude, so i wondered for a second if i could steal this guy away. horrible, yes. did i try? no. anyway, they got married apparently. makes me wonder what would have happened had we gotten together. crazy.

i’ve also decided that had the facebook been around 4+ years ago, it would have affected my life significantly. i would have kept in touch with so many people from high school & college stalking would have been amazing. ahh… i’m so jealous of incoming freshman who have the rest of their college years’ worth of facebooking. & if you have no idea what the facebook is, it’s like myspace (i can’t believe i signed up for this), only a million times cooler.

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