July 3, 2005 0

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what’s a good weekend for your car to die? i dunno, 4th of july weekend sounds good. christ. at least i’m not traveling anywhere, but still, i got shit to do! i have several stints as betsy ross, which just makes things difficult. the car hasn’t technically died, but it’s pretty damn close. & i don’t want to make it worse by driving it, especially since i need enough juice to get it to the car doctor on tuesday. plus my parents would give me shit. man. it’s the fireworks i’m really worried about, since while i could technically walk there, i’m decked out in colonial gear…& i’d have to carry all my shit with me. & figure out where to stash it. man, not cool at all. this is depressing the more that i think about it. this sucks. & i can’t even go out drinking to drown out my worries since my friend’s phone # has temporarily been disconnected, whatever that’s about. something tells me i’ll be getting my period in the midst of all this, too. THIS SUCKS. if we hadn’t gone to the rockin’ ribs festival (which was no live 8), i could go on pretending there’s nothing wrong so i could make it through the weekend. what light??? i don’t see any weird light on! huh?!?! what?! it just started doing this TODAY!

i’m brutal with cars…

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