May 26, 2005 0

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i was in sarasota, florida for a wedding last weekend. it was 80+ & sunny there…heaven. it is 50+ & gloomy here…shitty. anyway, it was a pretty ok time. except for my pooping problem. i’m going to tell you something personal. i poop a lot. like, multiple times a day. so it was very unusual that i didn’t poop for at least 4 days while i was there. i started to get nervous by sunday, but finally, after my mom’s big birthday feast at the 4 star restaurant, i released. & all was well. happy birthday! the only other real exciting story from the weekend was when i sprayed room freshener all over myself thinking it was perfume. the smell was nauseating, ugh.

well, besides the wedding, i got a lot of sight seeing in. we went to the g.wiz hands-on science museum. that was fun when i could actually understand the directions to the exhibits, which wasn’t often. i don’t understand how a children’s museum could be so confusing for me. science sure isn’t my thing…my paper airplane disappeared in the aerospace engineering exhibit. we also went to the ringling museum. after being inspired by my cousin’s photo of him licking statue titty, i really wanted a photo of my licking naked man statue willy, but my dad would have had to take the picture & i think that would have been really really inappropriate. so all i got was a picture from the circus museum’s trick mirror that made me look really short & fat.

saw star wars, too. christ, who knew darth vader was so sexy?! rowr!!!

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