May 12, 2005 0

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today i was a judge for pennsylvania history day. i judged senior group performance & there were some really hot high school guys! you hear about the teachers who are doing their students, & when you meet hot kids like that, you get a different perspective on the subject, ya know? anyway, to get back to the topic of judging group performances, it was great! i had so much fun. i haven’t had my theater fix since school’s been out, so i enjoyed it. & i was all important-like! i will definitely judge again next year if i can. & as far as my theater goes for the summer, looks like i’ll be behind the scenes at the boal barn. shame on those directors for not seeing my potential, dammit! there’s always next year, right? i do have a few improv things lined up, though. i’ll play a starlet for this fundraiser event for the state theatre in june. & i’ll be wandering around the fireworks on the 4th of july as betsy ross.

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